Behold! CecilBot...

CecilBot is a prototype Internet Relay Chat bot that connects to the Twitch chat server. It listens to a streamer's chat and will respond to certain commands with data stored in an SQL database.

CecilBot was created after the likeness of Twitch Streamer and Beyond Chaos community member Cecil188. The bot was developed by GreenKnight5 with the help of the BC community, and it is also available as a desktop application.

Should you encounter any errors, or have any questions or comments about CecilBot, please contact GreenKnight5 at or PM via Twitch.

This bot is functional at the moment, but if errors occur on the page, try closing the tab/browser and navigating to this page again.

Click here for the current version of the CecilBot control panel

Cecil Bot
Bot Status : Offline

To use Cecil bot:

Click the button to start the bot. This connects to the Twitch chat server, but will not connect an actual channel until you input a channel name into the text box, and click the button to add that channel.

Here is a list of the interactive commands available (not case-sensitive and do not include '[' or ']' in the actual command):
  • !commands: List commands available to use
  • !r[spellset]: Displays all the spells within that spellset
  • !boss [bossName]: Displays known boss skills/weaknesses
  • !skill [skill]: Displays attributes of the skill (!skill bio blast)
  • !tip: Displays a random tip
  • !tip add [tip]: Adds a tip to the list (!tip add Don't eat yellow snow)
  • !leaderboard: Shows the World of Ruin progress leaderboard
  • !leaderboard add [score]: Adds WoR progress score to leaderboard
Here is a list of basic commands (not case-sensitive):
  • !about, !beyondchaos, !discord, !getBC, !hello, !permadeath